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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Many moods of many cats...

Many moods of many cats...

Many people believe cats are indifferent
I say they are not paying attention
Cats love you so much they are over come by it.
They are like, I love you so much I have thrown myself to the ground and I am rolling around
I love you so, much I might eat you...
I am grabbing your fingers biting, licking and chewing on them.
Then I look around, What am I doing?
Possibly, I run away.
I love you so much, sometimes, I must follow you every where
you go.
Winding about your legs, sitting on your lap when ever you sit down.
Or, on your book or computer.
I love you so much I am purring and my whole body is vibrating!
I sit quietly behind or beside you content just to be near.
If I am an anxious type, I may push you with my head and run away self consciously.
I am nestled in the covers beside you, or sprawled out belly in the air.
I am wrapped around your head, chewing your hair or burying my little head in your shoulder.
I love you so, much when you make music I might sing along or even try to play the piano.
If I go hunting I share it with you, I scare away or catch mice in and about the house.
I might like to ride on your shoulder, and
I may tear you up trying to get there.
I love you so much, I reach out and put a tiny paw on your cheek, gazing into your eyes...
For a second the claws come out, just to remind you
You are mine
I will not let you go.
I once met a cat so smart, he, gave me a warning when I was giving him a bath,
Instead of going crazy and running away
He bit my hand with out hurting me then he looked up at me as if to say...
Enough, you are crossing that line and you know it.

It was hard to tell how he felt the rest of the time...

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