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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dolphin overdose!

Recently I had a custom order for dolphins and it took many tries for me to get it right. Now I have a whole bunch of partially completed dolphin pictures that I am trying to turn into things because basically I filled an entire water color book with dolphins. Above we have a moon dream, a trip to Jamaica that my mom took (not done yet) and sleeping water woman...there are a whole bunch of dolphins in my shop now if you like dolphins.
I am not great at drawing from reality all the time so, I am not to happy with the trip to Jamaica so far, but my plan is to go through all the pictures and draw a whole bunch until I get them right. They look alright but, they don't look like the people that they are. My mom's friend Melissa, and a guy who drives a boat and his dog. I can't remember their names but one is Copper. I'll have to look it up. I will get back to you on that. Okay, the guy is named captain Ted aka Coppah and I don't know his dog's name.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playing piano in my pajamas...

Okay, this blog says Vegan food art and music...but, I haven't shown you any music yet. Mainly because, I am not really happy with any of the music I have recorded. I have technical difficulties and also it is hard for me to play when I know I am being recorded. Then hard to edit when I screw up. This one is the cleanest I would say as in it looks okay, I only played one song did not forget that I was recording  and it sounds decent. I don't feel that is my best playing but, I wanted to post some music because this blog has been up here with the title Vegan food art and music for about a year and there is still no music.I have some sort of animation ideas with music and drawings. I have just started working on them. Hopefully, you will see some soon until then I think I am going to post the best cream soup I have ever made later today.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Petals and synapses...video...short animation

Okay, these aren't that good yet... this one is petals fish and synapses...alright, fun though! Might make a cartoon for my niece. If fact I think I might do that with the rest of this evening...
Video making station...

Day to night...short animation...

I spent the afternoon working on some short animations I have had in my head for a while. When I figure out how I am going to put some music with these. I have a lot of video ideas... :) ... I think I might try to make one with a story. I have been working on some animations with music ideas in my head for quite a while these are my first attempts. Just took me about 2 hours to figure out how to get this video from my phone to my blog! Let me tell you modern technology and I do not always get a long...Unfortunately, the first one which I also think is the best one has my thumb in it!!!
I really used to like music videos. The first ones I saw were not great and, I didn't really have cable very often when I was young so, I didn't see that many. I also like classical music. And, have a theory that some classical music could really go with some great videos. I would like to combine the 2 the music I write is sort of a blues classical fusion. People who like blues say to me..."you are so good at classical music or, that is classical blues"  People who like classical say I am better at the blues. I have to say I think that my playing leans more to the classical. Also, I am a lot better at improvising or writing my own music then playing other peoples.
There are a lot of great animations and such on you tube. Also I recently discovered a guy called William Kentridge. You can see him on pbs a show called Art21. Anything is possible.
 I started thinking I wanted to make animations with music when I was in high school. I had a video camera with stop motion feature. My brother was playing with it while I was playing piano. The result was a strange and kind of funny video involving rocks with Mozart all mixed up in pieces in the back ground as a sound track. I was like we should make a whole bunch of those. I could write some music like that or some kind of music. Any way, I don't know what happened, got side tracked I guess...right now, I have a lot of time on my hands...so, this idea has sort of renewed itself. I guess a lot of people make these now...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weird home fries...

This is my dinner from a few days ago...I didn't measure again but, they were really good so, I thought I would post it anyway. Here they are...weird home fries recipe is as follows...

2 russet potatoes
olive oil
chili powder generous shaking
cinnamon a dash
cloves a pinch

These are a lot better with the sauce which is ketchup, BBQ sauce, and some tobasco.

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2. Wash and slice potatoes into fry size bites.
3. Coat with olive oil.
4. Add rest of ingredients and toss gently.
5. Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.

Meanderings of a Drunken Alien Prince...

On a planet not so far from Meena's home lived a dashing young prince. His name was Kolokola. His skin was dark and his hair fell in equally dark blue black waves. His people were nomadic and he was known though out the land not only for his beauty but, also his strength courage and gentleness. Many young woman dreamed that they might someday be his queen but, he had eyes only for one. Meena of the Anonai Tara Taro tribe on the planet Two Moons.

Ah, Meena,
Her skin glows like the moon from whom she is descended.
Her eyes are like huge green pools.
Still but, who knows what is swimming beneath,
do your thoughts swim like the water folk?
Are they kind, gentle, wise?
So thin, so frail like the grass that grows in the meadow that is her name sake,
It is a wonder she does not sway or simply drift away when the wind blows...

This one happened because I couldn't sleep!

I have to give some credit to my daughter for this one because, she helped me with the names and we worked together a little on the mythology of the planet Two Moons.