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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More tales from my sketch book...

This is a portrait of my daughter asleep but her pillow has turned into mountains from national geographic.

Elves a cat and some flowers

Fluffy cat and young girl.

Orange moon

When I was young I was in a polish dance class where I wore flowers on my head. I didn't mind I actually liked my flowers, however this girl does not.

Lilly Pads

Another cat and some melancholy women.

My friend Radka.

These are more pictures from my sketch books. These are from some much older sketch books.


  1. great line work - glad you added to the whimsy collection pool!

  2. Love your drawings. I love the idea of the pillow turning into a mountain too.

  3. Love your drawings! Awesome ~ Carol (Share the Creative Journey) linked with Whimsical Wednesday ~ ^_^

  4. Hi Lilah! Glad you found the Web of Whimsy! When's the next recipe coming?

  5. Me too! The next recipe is going to be here tomorrow hopefully, maybe tonight if I can't sleep.

  6. I like my portrait :) And everything else as well!