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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playing piano in my pajamas...

Okay, this blog says Vegan food art and music...but, I haven't shown you any music yet. Mainly because, I am not really happy with any of the music I have recorded. I have technical difficulties and also it is hard for me to play when I know I am being recorded. Then hard to edit when I screw up. This one is the cleanest I would say as in it looks okay, I only played one song did not forget that I was recording  and it sounds decent. I don't feel that is my best playing but, I wanted to post some music because this blog has been up here with the title Vegan food art and music for about a year and there is still no music.I have some sort of animation ideas with music and drawings. I have just started working on them. Hopefully, you will see some soon until then I think I am going to post the best cream soup I have ever made later today.

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