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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dolphin overdose!

Recently I had a custom order for dolphins and it took many tries for me to get it right. Now I have a whole bunch of partially completed dolphin pictures that I am trying to turn into things because basically I filled an entire water color book with dolphins. Above we have a moon dream, a trip to Jamaica that my mom took (not done yet) and sleeping water woman...there are a whole bunch of dolphins in my shop now if you like dolphins.
I am not great at drawing from reality all the time so, I am not to happy with the trip to Jamaica so far, but my plan is to go through all the pictures and draw a whole bunch until I get them right. They look alright but, they don't look like the people that they are. My mom's friend Melissa, and a guy who drives a boat and his dog. I can't remember their names but one is Copper. I'll have to look it up. I will get back to you on that. Okay, the guy is named captain Ted aka Coppah and I don't know his dog's name.


  1. I really really love the top one,,,,,,something about the flow of the water. Can't wait to see the finished picture!

  2. I like the middle one. Again, your sense of design and pattern is just fantastic!
    Happy Dolphin Painting!

  3. Probably, going to make some more dolphins today! Lilah

  4. I like them all, but that 2nd one is amazing. I keep loooking and looooking and seeing more and more! Very inviting.

  5. Hey, you guys do you see a thank you or 2 up there because I tried to say thank you but it looks like it didn't show up?