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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peter vrs. Shop vac...

Ah, the vacuum
With a mind of it's own
Grabs the carpet,
pulls it off the ground and
Roughs it up.

At least the shop vac
keeps working no
matter what it grabs.

I can just pull it out like
Pulling something out of
the throat of a giant snake!

Before, it goes all the way in of course...

Thank goodness for Peter, he growls, he looks at it side ways...

There is no way that vacuum knew what was coming, all 8 times...Peter growled, and rung it's neck.

Thank you, Peter, without you I don't know what that shop vac would have done!

It might have sucked my eye out!

Peter is a little depressed right now, as you can see in this picture. He really likes to be helpful...maybe I should see if I can find a better picture of him...I'll look in to that!

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