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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Out and about...

Some photos I took while out and about Ypsilanti last winter for various reasons.


  1. cool shot of you and your iPhone : )

  2. Oh my goodness, is that you Lilah! I thought at first you must be posting a photo of your daughter, so that's good, right? :D This does not look like I imagined, but then again you had that cat avatar for a long time and I thought you must look like a cat. I wonder if people think I look like a yellow emu. lol

    I've been trying to decide whether to post a picture of myself but I prefer the emu for now. I think your pictures are great - you look very cute and nice.

    1. Thank you! yes, that is me from a few weeks ago...a lot of people say I look young. My daughter looks so, much like her Dad it is ridiculous. Once when I was out with a friend we ran into people and they thought she was my friends daughter and not mine. Kind of depressing when I am doing so much of the work and risked my life to bring her into the world! Ha, ha! Sometimes, I can see that she looks a little like me...Every once in a while people think my daughter and I are sisters. Well, I don't look that young because, people don't card me when I buy alcohol any more. I posted a video of myself playing piano some where on here, didn't I? That was probably more answer then you wanted...