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Friday, March 23, 2012

Looks like candy, because it is candy!

Okay, I am about posted out and am going to watch Project Runway soon. This is a picture of candied blood oranges that my very talented daughter made over Christmas. I think it was Christmas, or Thanks giving. Basically, you cook them in simple syrup about 15 minutes. Then dry and coat with sugar. After that you cover them in chocolate. It takes a long time for them to dry and turn into candy. This recipe is kind of rough. I am going to have to look it up or consult my daughter. Looking it up didn't work. Can't find it!!! I really like the picture and the oranges so, I wanted to share them with people. Official recipe pending...


  1. I agree, neat picture! And they do look pretty great although I admit I would like them after the chocolate coating is applied!

    Lilah! What did you think about the end of Project Runway All Stars? I thought all three had some really great, well-made stuff, unlike most finale shows where some of the stuff is total rubbish.

    I'd say Austin was my favorite because he is talented but also a nice, pleasant person. Michael was mostly nice. Mondo just turned into a sourpuss and took it out of everyone. Bad mojo.

    1. I only saw the first half of the finale. I don't have a television so, I have to see everything on line.I keep falling asleep before I get to see any of the cloths. I am going to watch them both today hopefully.