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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Tourist Flinger

Let me tell you something about myself. Which is I don't like to drive. I really don't like to drive on expressways or in cities. However, recently I have had to make several driving trips to Boston. Believe me I am not complaining because Boston is a very beautiful city and my daughter is going to college there. One thing about Boston that you may or may not know is that driving there is crazy. The sky is full of bridges which I don't like and underneath there are tunnels  which I like even less.The first time we went for a few seconds I actually stopped the car and cried a little bit (kind of embarrassing)at a cross roads wondering which way would be worse more bridges? or more tunnels? At one point a guy smacked our car and yelled at us as he drove by.
The first time we went we stayed in a suburb called Malden, because it was less expensive then staying near the college. It was in trying to get to and from Malden that Dahlia and I discovered the tourist flinger.
It is kind of like a round about except that it doesn't go all the way around. So if you miss your exit you just have to take any exit and hope for the best.
The directions read take the second exit on the right. Basically we missed this exit pretty much every time we tried to return to the hotel. The Tourist flinger was only one way and every exit seemed to lead to a maze of one way streets so there was no way to retrace our steps. It took us any where from 1-2 hours to get back to the hotel even though our map quest directions told us it should take 20. Any way, as it turns out we misinterpreted the directions. I kept counting each road as an exit but, the first road was one way. I guess that would really be an entrance. So, it was the third road that was actually the second exit. Probably I shouldn't tell anyone this story. My daughter eventually figured it out. I mainly paniced and tried to avoid getting stuck under ground in more tunnels.
Any way, we spent so much money on parking and trying to find the hotel I have decided that staying in town is really not any more expensive then staying on the out skirts.
The above water color is a picture of the tourist flinger it is not quite as funny as I thought it would be. I guess you had to be there. Actually being there was really stressful but it was funny later.


  1. Oh my goodness, Lilah! That sounds dreadful. Don't feel bad, most people don't like to drive in big cities. They don't make it easy for you if you don't know the area, particularly when you have one-way streets everywhere. I drove in downtown Chicago once and really didn't like it. (Also, parking was $25, yikes!) I still have to brave the train one of these days - we only live about twenty minutes from the city. :)

    I'm glad you survived the tourist flinger!

  2. I'm sorry it was such a stressful time for you.I'm also amazed at such braveness you showed as well.Beautiful painting,, you had a disturbing experience, you got through it and it its in the past.

  3. Really not that traumatized. I actually thought it was kind of funny. Apparently that did not come across in this story. I actually shared it because I thought it was funny. I mean it is ridiculous the whole thing. First of all that it took us 8 tries to figure out that the first road was not an exit. I mean okay a little embarrassing. Ah well, I give up.

  4. Oh my gosh! LOL I think it's really funny : ) really!

  5. All though my daughter was traumatized, by my driving I guess:)