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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Star Rain...

I got the idea for this picture from watching The Elegant Universe. I painted it and then filled in the details with ink. As I was looking at it I thought what would make this more interesting? That is why I made the rain connecting the stars. Then I thought...that looks nice but what would make the sky look like that? Searching my mind I came up with a phenomena I am calling star rain.
When I watched The Elegant Universe there was a section about quantum particles and how they can be in 2 places at once and move forward and backward in time. If I remember correctly they also can create tiny wormholes when they come in contact with each other.
So the idea behind star rain is that the people of this planet have come up with a way to rearrange quantum particles to open up giant wormholes that would allow ships to pass through. Star rain is a visual effect created as the wormhole collapses and the particles return to their places.
So here is a water color of a young woman watching star rain...

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