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Friday, May 20, 2011


Good morning.  I am sick so, I am at home trying to rest which isn't going to well because my house is a mess and I have too much to do.  I guess I will just do everything really slowly.  It is a really gorgeous day outside and I wanted to enjoy it so I decided it would be restful to draw the flowering tree in my front yard.  Then my dog came out and walked all over my paper and  I realized I should probably clean up some more before I spend all day drawing.  So instead of the entire tree and the surrounding dandelions and grass I decided to settle for just these few dandelions which I think came out kind of nice.  After I slowly clean up and do some other chores there may be some more art and food later.  My daughter and I decided not to post last nights recipe because it still needs some fine tuning.  We are going to try it again tonight.

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