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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Persephone, Demeter and outer space

     Hello again!  No recipes right now but I found some art work I like that I wanted to show people.  So here it is...This first one is kind of an abstract picture of the cosmos that unfortunately got wet.  I was kind of depressed about it but after staring at it a bit decided that the water made it look more like outer space then it had before and, I decided to finish it anyway.  I think it came out kind of interesting so, I thought I might show it to people.     This second one is called Persephone after the Greek Goddess who is Queen of the under world and whose return to earth for 6 months every year according to Greek mythology  brought about spring and summer.
This last one is Demeter the Greek Goddess of corn who is Persephone's mother.  I did not set out to draw Persephone or Demeter specifically when I drew these however, I read the story roughly at the same time and realized that they fit so that is what I decided to call them.

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