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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun and easy, craft project, 4 seasons upcycled can...

Hello again. This was a tea can. As in I bought some fancy tea and this is what it came in. These cans to me are too nice for recycling or throwing away so, I save them. Recently I started decorating them and they come out kind of nice so I thought I might share them with people. This could be a fun project for kids or anyone who likes to make things.

Materials-To make one similar to the one pictured you will need a can, news paper, acrylic paint, colored paper, tacky glue, dried flowers, paint brushes of various sizes and acrylic varnish.
To make it more friendly for small children you could use a more child friendly paint and substitute mod podge for varnish.

1. Clean your can.

2. Mix a little water with some tacky glue and brush it on strips of news paper. Apply them to the can kind of like wall paper and allow to dry.

3. When it is dry you can paint whatever design you want with acrylic paint. I chose 4 seasons because this can is actually 4 cans that stack. Allow paint to dry.

4. I made some leaves and used dried flowers to add interest to mine using card stock decorated with color pencil and chamomile flowers. These I put on the same way as the newspaper.

5. After those dry you can apply the varnish which makes it uv proof, glossy and you can dust it. They are not water proof so, should only be used for dry goods or pencils and things like that.

Hey! Has any one tried to make one of these yet? I would be very interested to hear about how it came out!

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