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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brief update on book mark to benefit Japan...

Just writing to let people know that the book mark I am making to benefit Japan is almost done.  Some one wrote the saying I wanted to write down for me.  I am going to pencil it in tonight and have some one check it for me on Monday.  If it looks good I will take it to the printer right after that. So, book marks should be on sale in my shop by Tuesday or Wednesday. 
The other picture above is a work in progress that is going to be a friendly alphabet poster that I plan to sell when finished.  I think it will be good for a child's room.  Each letter is in water color and ink and will be filled with and surrounded by the object representing the letter. The blue butterfly in the background of the letter B is a blue morph. I thought I might write the word in as well I haven't decided.  The background is not going to be white either I'll decide on the back ground when the rest is done.  Once I started with this one I started to get some ideas for themed alphabet posters such as alphabet outer space, alphabet insects, flowers so on and so forth so you may see those in the future.
The story of how a stolen banana gave birth to horchata bars is still on the way. Today I am a little fried on computers so, I will be making more art. See you later!

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