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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cosmic Dance, Original pencil gesture drawing, work in progress

This is a gesture drawing from my sketch book I am calling Cosmic Dance.  The figure in the center is drawn in white charcoal pencil and the clouds of dust around her are in prisma color pencil.  It is basically finished except that I have to spray it with fixative because of the charcoal and I don't know what it will look like after that.  I haven't posted it in my shop yet for that reason.  I'm getting some fixative tomorrow a long with a card reader for our camera so I can post some more recipes. See you later, thank you for stopping by!
*Okay, I went to buy the fixative and as it turns out it is very toxic and flammable.  I decided I didn't want to buy any so, this one is actually not going to be for sale. It seems to me that the charcoal pencil is staying in place but I don't want to risk sending it to some one and having it look like a mess when it get's there.

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