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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some pages from my sketch book that I like...

 I have a card reader now so, I can get pictures out of my camera again. Either later tonight or tomorrow there will be some more recipes with photographs. Right now here are some sketches from my sketch book that I like.
This first one is called the bean.  He is the product of a game I play with my daughter we call you draw I draw. First I draw a little something then she does or vice versa and we take turns until we are get tired of it or the movie starts or whatever.  I like these you draw I draws because they are humorous. The one next to the bean is a strangely dressed faery.  Both of these are drawn in sharpy.

Bell Bottoms
 This set is woman dancing or just standing around.

Calico cat
Fancy young woman

Left Handed drawing
Okay getting the text and the pictures to go where I want is not easy at all!