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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brownie cake...

I don't know about you but, I have eaten some foods that I am a little embarrassed about. Some of these I ate before I was vegan and some after. You would be surprised by some of the things that are vegan. I try to be sort of healthier now in that I avoid preservatives and weird ingredients that I don't understand or don't sound like food. But, I will admit there are some things I miss.
One of the things I really miss from before I was vegan is the giant brownie, fudge and vanilla ice cream creation at Big Boy.
Well for any one else who might feel the same way I have really good news! Well, if you live in or near Royal Oak that is.
I went to eat at Inn Season the other might and they have a warm brownie and chocolate sauce creation of their own that can be ordered vegan or vegetarian and as far as I know contains no weird ingredients.Yay!
The opera cakes was great as well, unless you don't like a lot of frosting.


  1. Hurry and post more art so I don't have to look at this lovely brownie and ice cream that I cannot have right now! :D

  2. You don't know how much I would love a brownie right now, May have to make some this week.

  3. I agree , hurry and post something new! Got anymore recipes to share : )