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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Synapse trees explained...

This is another synapse tree. The first synapse drawing that I did came from my sub-conscious. It is called petals and synapses. It is available in my shop on etsy.  I did not mean to draw synapses. But, after I looked at it I realized all the things in it kind of resembled synapses. I did not feel very well at the time and I thought my brain must be trying to tell me something. In fact I was thinking my brain felt like a liquid with a few marbles floating around in it. I began to think of all of ones nerves as synapses interacting with reality. Giving it some more thought I realized that string theory really makes the phrase fabric of reality more meaningful because, all the vibrating strings might be woven together creating sort of a 3 dimensional energy fabric that we are all walking about in. That our thoughts are interacting with. Probably everyone else has already figured that out. I think I might be behind the times. I have some ideas for better looking synapse trees that I may get to eventually.

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