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Monday, November 21, 2011


This was for a new blog I found through the doodling club I am on called illustration Friday. Every week you get a topic. This weeks topic was vanity. I wrote and drew these for that assignment but, I guess I missed the deadline. This was supposed to be funny! It is kind of about how thinking that you have no vanity creates kind of a paradox. According to some family members I have a weird sense of funny...The new topic is round which will probably be a little easier.
I have to stay away from topics like this!In my years of observing the world, which are not so many, I have come to the conclusion that everyone is vain. Myself,  I get no respect, so, I thought I am not terribly vain.Then I realized I might be a little vain about how vain I am not. About how I am kind of like a weeble wobble.
But, then I realized maybe that is just a reaction to the onslaught of anger and hatred I feel everywhere I go. Thinking and saying nice things about myself  to myself is some kind of self defense mechanism.
What did I do? Some one should let me in on it?
Of course, it might be kind of vain to think everyone is thinking about me. Some people probably have better things to do!
Perhaps one can gain a little humility by recognizing that one does not have it.
I had it once...Gone now...
        Ahh, it's back again, oh wait gone...
Best probably to look at some things other then yourself.
         Or really look at your self.
Recognizing that what you have may be all that you have is not vanity it is realistic. I don't have that many good qualities. Trying really hard to do what I'm best at is not vain. It's really a matter of if I don't get really good at this I am screwed. Wait, I'm not vain...I mean...See what I mean? I like what I do any way, might as well do it anyway...screwed any way, might as well do it any way...
See you later...
Just as vain to not care and think you don't have to as it is to care too much...unless you really don't care and then you think.. I am special, I don't care...Every one is special until they know it. Every one suffers is that why? maybe one reason...Or maybe we suffer to remind us not to cause too much suffering. If one person is going to suffer I guess we all have to.
Alright, I'll stop now.
     I am not vain. I know some people who love every one. I know most people are basically good people. I think I need to get out more.

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  1. These sketches are both amazing! Love the intricate pen work. Lovely lines. Happy Painting,