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Monday, July 4, 2011

The art that got away...

This one I am calling secretly he likes mice.  I call this one the art that got away because I didn't really have a plan and it ended up being kind of strange.  I was taking a break from making a giant alphabet poster I am working on which is tricky because, it has a lot of detail and a plan.  So I wanted to do something without a plan.  I started out with the cat. I wanted him to be hiding in shadows.  I kind of liked him so, I thought I'll add some details in ink that will show where he is hiding.  At first it was going to be furniture but then I thought wouldn't it be more fun if he were out side. So I drew some plant life and then thought what would he be doing outside.  If he is anything like my cat he might be up to no good.  I decided to add a mouse and they would be unlikely friends gossiping to make it clear he was not up to no good.  Unfortunately when the mouse was just ink he was scarier then the cat so I fixed him up and made him less scary with acrylic paint.  I wasn't going to post them anywhere at first because I thought it came out a a little weird but since then I have had some positive feed back.  My brother thought my cat did look friendly in a cheshire cat sort of way and we are both going to try to write a story about how this friendship came about. I really like stories about unlikely friendships myself.
So far we have just developed the characters a little bit.  The cat is named Sam. He is a barn cat who doesn't come inside very often.  He likes to hang out on the porch.  He is mostly gray and very thin, kind of middle aged for a cat.  He loves to be petted and is very friendly but does not like to be picked up.
The mouse is named Whispers because he is very quiet.  He is kind of a quiet lonely little guy.
We were figuring that the cat should be kind of scary and intimidating in the first part of the story and then in the end there should be a plot twist and he turns out to be a friend.


  1. Adorable unlikely friends....I love this picture, not scary at all : )

  2. Love it. Love how the cat blends into the background. It looks like he is resting his head just listening to the mouse tell a story, and the mouse is gesturing as he talks. So cute!