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Friday, July 22, 2011

Between, Collage with card stock and sharpie marker, contest entry

 Every once in a while I feel like I am a spirit which strangely puts me in a good mood. For instance, I was walking home once in the summer and the air seemed to be the same temperature as I was and it was very windy. It really felt like I was either part of the wind or the wind was blowing right through me. I think a bit about spirits and a lot of my drawings look kind of like spirits who are here but not here.
This one is called Between because the woman is a spirit who is existing between places. In my imagination she is a very old soul whose natural state is as a spirit most of the time. She was separated form her friend and so, returned to a favorite and familiar place to wait for them where she has been waiting for a long time.
This drawing is for sale in my shop on etsy and is also an entry for a doodling contest that sharpie is having. Here is the address to the contest if you want to take a look... http://showcase.sharpieuncapped.com/pages/showimage/808949 See you later.

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